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Bridesmaids Gifts: Top 5 Gifts Bridesmaids Really Want 2022

Top 5 Gifts Bridesmaids Really Want

You may have a pretty good idea who your bridesmaids are going to be, that's usually the easy part! Now, how do you show them your appreciation for the part they play not just on your wedding day but as long as you have known them? We've got the low down on Bridesmaid Gifts they actually want! 

  • Jewellery
  • Matching Bathrobes
  • Clutch Bags
  • Headpieces
  • Customized Candles

1. The Perfect Bridesmaid Gift - Jewellery

You just can't simply go wrong with jewellery as your bridesmaid gift, something to cherish and wear over and over.

 Bridesmaid Wearing Ariel SetJenna Earrings

Gorgeous Martha wore our Nessa comb, Alisha earrings and Alisha bracelet, her beautiful bridesmaids wore our Ariel sets. One of Martha's bridesmaids (left).

Martha said "Thank you so much for all the beautiful jewellery for our wedding day. You were so easy to deal with and I absolutely loved everything and the girls were also delighted too. THANK YOU xx"

The ever popular Jenna earrings (right), one to make the budget smile and the eyes sparkle.


2. The Practical Bridesmaid Gift - Robes

These days robes are all the rage, get the girls matching robes for wedding day prep photos. Also so practical to wear while getting hair and make up done.

Sarah Wearing Beverly Bridesmaids Robes

Our lovely real bride Sarah (left) wore custom styled Beverly earrings, her robe is just gorgeous! 


3. The Gift That Keeps Giving- Clutch Bags

Sure to be used again and a popular gift for bridesmaids, also quite practical too!



Clutch Bag as Bridesmaid Gift Bridesmaids Holding Clutch Bag


4. The Optional Bridesmaids Gift- Headpieces

A gift, a memento and sparkly accessory to your bridesmaids hairstyle. What girl doesn't want that dainty pretty hair accessory. Some popular choices from our collections are the Kelda Comb with Alina Gold Earrings (Left) & Lexine Hairpins with Selene Crystal and Pearl Earrings (Right). Definitely winners for the wedding budget too!

 Jules Bridal Kelda Comb as Bridesmaid GiftJules Bridal Lexine Hair Pin Set as Bridesmaids Gifts


5. Custom Candles with Names or Initials

A customized gift is also a very popular option to make your day even more special! You can even play to each bridesmaid’s personality to print any names, words, quotes or intimate messages on the gift to make it unique. You can also choose a particular scent specially for your day!


Customized Candles with Name or Initial as Bridesmaids Gifts



Going so soon? Would you like to take a look at some of our full collections? Click on the images below for Wedding JewelleryHair Accessories & Wedding Veils

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