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White Ceramic Flower Laurel Crown Headband in Gold


In ancient Greece and Rome, many laurel crowns were made of foliage such as myrtle leaves and adorned with different flowers that symbolised everything from glory and power to celebration and eternity. This Daphne headband offers a modern-day interpretation of a laurel crown, complete with hand-pressed porcelain ceramic flowers and pearls on a hand-twisted, gold band. It is part of Jules’ Grecian Goddess series, which is carefully designed and curated in Ireland. 

Easy to style with Braided Up-Do, Piled Up Up-Do, or Breezy Mermaid Braids. This exquisite design can be bent gently into desirable shape when styling. Shown beautifully here with a TH&TH Wedding Gown and Jodie Gold, Teardrop Crystal Pendant.

Colour. Gold.

Material. Hand-Pressed Porcelain Ceramic Flowers. Pearls. Handmade. High Quality Lead Free and Hypoallergenic Zinc Alloy.

Diameter. 12.5cm

Part of Jules’ Grecian Goddess Series. Carefully Designed and Curated in Ireland.