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In the Press - Part 2

September 2014  Ruth and Brian married at the beautifully renovated Bellingham Castle, Co. Louth. Their delightful wedding featured on Ruth very elegantly wears our Grace Headband ! Photo credit: Michelle Prunty. August 2014 Our friends at featured two of...

Vintage Styled Flower Necklace, Bridal Pearl Necklace, Danielle [Archival- Handmade]
$140.00 - Sold Out

This is a very elegant necklace and is perfect for Bridal wear. It has a vintage look about it and mixed with pearls, rhinestones and crystals will suit many gown styles. The centre flower feature measures 1.75 inches across. Handmade...

Dahlia, Chic Statement Wedding Headpiece [Archival- Handmade]
$170.00 - Sold Out

Make a captivating and stunning statement with this nature inspired bridal headpiece. Combining sparkling crystals with textural pearl detailing, this headpiece features an array of marquise-cut crystals embellished onto flexible intertwined strands. An exquisite focal point to a vintage inspired...