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April 24, 2013


5 Top Tips to Lose Weight and Gain Energy

Here’s our top 5 Tips to Lose Weight and Gain Energy.

Well there are few brides or women even who are completely happy with their weight. Here is a few of our tried and tested top tips to help reduce bloating and feel better from the inside out.


1.) Firstly the white stuff… cut it out or at least down… Sugar is the biggest thief of energy in the long run, we all know the eventual drowsy feeling after a sugar filled snack. Replace biscuits and cakes with dates or prunes, raw cashew nuts, and raw brazil nuts. Far more filling, high in antioxidants so your skin will thank you for it too. If you add sugar to drinks try replacing with Agave syrup (from the Mexican Agave plant). Available in all health stores and supermarkets it is a good alternative, while not perfect it is far better than granulated sugar. Avoid artificial sweeteners at all costs, the downsides are too numerous to mention, but swelling and increased fat stored under the skin (adiposity) are two that we would all like to avoid.


 2.) Pasta… is basically just flour and water.. yes there may be an egg or two in there but these will no doubt be of the battery variety – which we don’t need to get into right now. An excellent replacement in the form of a carbohydrate is brown rice, a much tastier and fibre filled variety of the stripped back white version. Another great alternative is the sweet potatoe, steamed and mashed it’s as close to comfort food as you can get. Steamed and mashed cauliflower is another great version.


3.) Chocolate… we don’t say give it up.. just give up the milk chocolate variety. It has so much sugar and milk that it barely qualifies the title chocolate. Instead swap to at least a 70% cocoa variety. Trust us you won’t be able to finish a bar – it’s so rich with chocolately taste. Obviously a little goes a long way so aim for no more than 2 or 3 squares a day.


4.) Wine… again it’s a switch .. forego the white and stick to red wine. Red wine contains one of the most powerful antioxidants, resveratrol, great for your heart and just maybe that’s how the French get away with eating so many high fat foods yet staying so slim. Again moderate consumption no guzzling advised !


5.) Last and definately not least, avoid eating after 6pm.. early I know, put to the test here we have found that even if you slip up with what you’ve eaten during the day once it’s before 6pm you might just get away with it. Giving your body a chance to digest the days food can’t be bad and sleeping on a full stomach does not a goods night sleep make !


These are all our own personal suggestions backed up by one of the best food books you can buy, The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth by Jonny Bowden.

Back soon with some more top tips !


April 16, 2013


Top 4 Wedding Cakes for 2013

Who doesn’t love cake… here at Jules we decided we just had to share our top 4 favourite ones with you. These can all be sourced locally and are by talented Irish cake makers and bakers !

Whether you like cupcake style wedding cakes or not, these you will have to admit are an absolute work of art..



More traditional options from www.CreativeCakes.ie

Chocaholics, these are for you.. www.HeavenlyCakes.ie



A touch of French chic from www.FrenchWeddingCakes.com 

Macarons, Croquembouche & Fresh Flowers..

Back soon with more tips !

J x

April 02, 2013


Top 5 Exercises for Wedding Ready Fitness.

Top 5 Exercises for Wedding Ready Fitness.

If your fiance thinks your body is amazing now, blow him away on the wedding day by kicking into high gear with a solid workout routine. Not only will you impress your guests and your spouse, but you’ll feel much more strong and healthy.


Squats are one of the most efficient, simple workouts ever invented. If you’re looking for a way to blast that booty fat into yesteryear, try doing fifty squats a day. Chances are you’ll be ready to move up to a hundred in no time! When squatting, remember the lower you squat, the more of a leg workout you’ll be getting along with your butt workout.


A pair of slender, sexy arms are a huge turn-on for most. If you don’t have any weights lying around, use soup cans or beverage bottles in a basic bicep curl. This is an exercise you can even do while sitting in the office on a long work day. Try doing three reps of twenty on each side throughout your day.


For powerful yet graceful shoulders, arm circles are a wonderful option. This is another exercize that can be done anytime, anywhere. Simply hold your arms out to the sides and trace small circles with your hands. This exercize uses the weight of your own body to create a burn, so it is fantastic for those of us who don’t own any exercise equipment. Three reps of fifty throughout your day will cause a noticeable difference in no time.

A flat, sexy tummy is irresistible. Try doing an exercise called the air bike; you may look a little silly, but it’s a small price to pay for a strong core, a sexy mid-drift, better posture, and loads of confidence. Simply lay on your back, lift your legs into the air, and pedal like you’re riding a bike. Keep your abs engaged and you’ll feel a sweet burn in no time. A good goal is to do this exercise for five to ten minutes, so pop on a good episode of your favorite television show and get pedaling.


Our legs are one of the things that make women so desirable, and they also happen to be the easiest body part to work out. A stair stepper is a wonderful investment, but if you don’t have one try popping in some ear buds and going on a peaceful run. Not only will you be working out your legs, you’ll also be helping your body to release feel-good chemicals and endorphins. Wedding planning is very stressful, so who wouldn’t want that? Try running, jogging, or walking for ten to thirty minutes a day.


Follow these workouts and you just may have to get your dress taken in one more time before your magical wedding day. People will notice your new figure and your new level of confidence will be a direct reflection of how happy you are in your new relationship and withyour new life.

Back soon !

J xx

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March 27, 2013


5 Week Wedding Day Beauty Treatment Countdown

 5 Week Wedding Day Beauty Treatment Countdown

This is the day you’ve been waiting for your entire life; the dress is picked out, the band is booked, and everyone has sent in their RSVP. There’s only one thing left to worry about…

Your appearance is one of the most important details of your magical wedding day and with all the planning, calling, tasting, and picking, you might find it difficult to find the time for your own preparations. Luckily, this simple primping schedule will help you find the time you need to look your best.

Everyone knows a good tan makes us appear more toned and healthy. It also makes a white dress and a white smile pop. That’s why you should begin building up a tan as early as five weeks before your wedding date. This gives you over a month to gradually deepen your skin tone without causing any burns. Don’t forget to moisturize before and after each tanning session. Or go the natural route and use and organic self-tanner to gradually build up a golden sun kissed colour. A product we love is Lavera’s Organic Self-Tanning Lotion €15.89 at most health stores.


Smooth is sexy in this day and age, so make a hair removal appointment at four weeks until the wedding. This will allow your skin time to heal, and any discomfort or itchiness will subside in time for your huge day. Waxing is the preferred hair-removal method; the process is speedy and the results last up to two months. You can have virtually any part of your body waxed so feel free to splurge on an all-over waxing.

Three weeks before your wedding, focus on hair. Take a day to go to your favorite salon. Get a cut and color, or at least nix your dead ends. When you arrive to your home, soak your hair overnight in warm coconut oil. Coconut oil is an all-natural miracle oil that will tame frizzy locks, strengthen weak or brittle hair, create a healthy sheen, and the best part is that it’s inexpensive and smells like a day at the beach.


 Make a facial appointment two weeks before the big day. Chemical peels are a great way to slough off dead skin cells, but they can cause redness. That’s why it is very important to give your skin some time to calm down before the ceremony. Your fresh, glowing skin will have all eyes on you. At home, raw sugar and olive oil make a great all-over scrub for touchable, supple legs.


 The nails make the outfit, and classy nails will complete your wedding day look. French heart tips are edgy and flirty, classic french tips are oh-so classy, and a nude or clear polish says you’re confident with your own natural beauty. Make the appointment for your nails one week ahead of time so you don’t have to feel rushed on decision making concerning nail colors, lengths, and styles.


Your day is almost here, and you deserve for people to know just how stunning you really are. Drop their jaws at your ceremony by following this plan. You (and your new partner) will be thrilled that you did.

 Back soon with more Top 5 tips!

J x

All images via Pinterest.com

March 19, 2013


Top 5 Most Popular Bridesmaids Gifts for 2013

Top 5 Most Popular Bridesmaids Gifts for 2013

Whatever would a bride do without her entourage, her most loyal of assorted girlfriends, her bridesmaids? Bridesmaids play an important role in the wedding party, along with their assistance behind the scenes of the wedding itself. It is quite fitting then when the bride herself puts forth the thought and effort of presenting her closest friends with bridesmaids gifts.

In accordance with the time honored tradition of gift giving, the bearer will want to keep in mind the unique taste, style, and interests of the recipient. You want your ladies in waiting to feel special and honored, not that you haven't the faintest clue who they are as individual people.

So far, the top five most popular bridesmaids gifts for 2013 are as follows:

1. Personalised Bracelets
A personalised piece of jewellery will show your friend that you really took the time to make sure that her gift was special. Also, no one can steal her bracelet and get away with it. (Unless the thief has the same name, that is.)


2. Engraved Jewellery Boxes
Again, this is a most memorable keepsake. Whenever she's putting her jewellery to rest, she will look at her memento and remember with fondness the spectacular time she had at your wedding.


3. Hair Clips, Pins & Combs
This choice depends on her hair length and preferred styling methods. This is a gift that can be used on the wedding day for those pesky stray locks when dancing.


4. Jewellery
Not just any jewellery; something that coordinates perfectly with the bridesmaids' dresses. As an added bonus, it should bring out the colour in her eyes.


5. Flats
Or flip flops, in colors coordinating with the general theme. It's not a conventional bridesmaid's gift, but it is practical. All of that walking in those sexy shoes is going to catch up with everyone at some point during the festivities. (Perhaps the bride should score a pair for herself as well?)


There are these options and many more, if you know where to look ! Happy shopping !

Back soon,

J xx

March 15, 2013


Top 5 Bridal/Wedding Hairstyles for 2013

Top 5 Bridal/Wedding Hairstyles for 2013.

Dressing up for a wedding can be stressful as you have to consider a million and one factors, especially with weather factors like humidity, the amount you'll be running around or dancing your feet off. Your hairstyle will be the first to take a beating. Listed below are the trend-setting bridal wedding hairstyles of 2013, which are not only simple but gorgeous and will be worthy of the effort for the day and the everlasting photographs and videos.

1. The Waterfall Braid
Braids are doing the rounds this year and are only zipping around faster with no signs of slowing down. The waterfall braid plays a dual role pleasing both a boho and a chic bride. Apart from the sultry waves and braids, you could insert a brooch where the braid ends matching your bridal jewellery. Our Nadine Hairclip fits the bill perfectly (last image).

  Nadine HAirclip

2. The Ballerina/Chestnut Bun
Either of these buns which are extremely simple to do up yourself, are a very classy look. The ballerina bun could be a little messy for the boho look and the chestnut could be elegant by being done extremely tightly and neatly. For the bejewelled look, the bun itself could be wrapped in beaded bandeau. Our Marina-B Pearl Hairdrape (recently featured in Elle) is very versatile in this regard and is perfect for adorning a bun.


3.The Fishtail Braid
This style again a braid, seems to be heading up the popularity ladder. The key is to make sure you can loosen it up. It has both versions of being let low or as an updo. Each of the segregations of the braid could be adorned with jewelled hair pins. Our floral Alyson Hairclip is available in a single and double version, mix and match for an individual look.

4. The Chignon Bun
This classic look has made a tremendous comeback and looks like it is here to stay. The chignon bun screams sophistication which can also be substituted with the chignon side braid. This style could be supported by a bando or even a large flower clip on the side. Our sparkling Jessica hairclip could be just the ticket !
 Jessica Hairclip 

5. The Vintage Look
Pin curls and victory rolls, the vintage look will never get old. What is best about is add-on jewellery suits this best, be it an Alice band or beautiful clips and pins. Our Trish Feather clip would look perfect tucked in between cascading curls.

If you are getting married, or are a bridesmaid or just a guest at the wedding, pick one of these and you can never go wrong. Do not forget to try them on your own before the event and even create the perfect mash-up suitable to the wedding theme and your hair type.

Back next week with our Top 5 Grooms Gifts ! Yes can't forget about him !

Julie xx

March 11, 2013


Our Top 5 Bridal Gown Styles for 2013.

Our Top 5 Bridal Gown Styles for 2013.
The year of 2013 has already witnessed a varied multitude of wedding gown designs. Many new designers have come up with exclusive new bridal gown designs. Variations of passionate red and royal white have proven to be the most sought after colours of the season.


Designers like Jenny Packham and Oscar de la Renta have showcased their elegant white bridal gowns while Douglas Hannant have gone with a dramatic floral-print design.



Choosing the top 5 wedding gowns of 2013 was tough but these dresses were really impressive in every aspect.

1. The Classic white bridal gowns detailed with intricate lace work have proven to be a winner once again. Jenny Packham’s elegant white gown accented with beaded lace is certainly a hot favorite among all the bridal gown trends of 2013. The neckline ensures that the design is a culmination of grace and sex appeal.

2. Amsale Aberra has brought up the trending one shoulder design. The short and simple white wedding dress is a hit for yacht club and beach weddings. It goes well with expressive and exuberant jewellery sets. Many more one shoulder designs have been designed his season.




3. Vera Wang’s Crimson Hued collection of bridal gowns have been vibrant and the burst of colours is eye catching. The mermaid gown has undoubtedly been the spotlight of wedding fashion 2013. The one shoulder wedding dress has numerous folds on its skirt.

4. Laser cut satin bridal dress designed by Elizabeth Fillmore is different from the lot and the delicate designing makes it a work of art. The lining of the skirt has been partially removed to give it a more sensual appeal. This particular pure white bridal gown is a mix of old school design and new age fashion.


5. Reema Acra’s convertible bridal gown has caught the fancy of various fashion enthusiasts. The bride can wear the gown with the tulle skirt during the wedding and later remove it for dancing.


Back soon with some more Top 5's 

Jules x




October 10, 2012


Top 5 Wedding Trends 2013

The Top 5 Wedding Trends for 2013 including, Bridal Gowns, Bridal Jewellery, Hair Accessories, Wedding Themes & Wedding Flowers.

With 2013 already upon us, let’s take a look at some of the hottest trends for the coming wedding season. Bridal experts are predicting a radical departure from the ordinary this season, with bold colours, patterns and textures being tipped to be seen on the way to the altar. 2013 is likely to see brides shunning the traditional, in favour of a fresh and modern new look, with white taking a back seat to a range of bright and vivid hues.  Vintage also remains in fashion this season, with a range of gowns and accessories taking inspiration from the 1920′s.


Here are the top 5 trends to look out for in the coming year.

Bridal Gowns:
Sheer overlays and peplum skirts are two of the hottest tips for bridal gowns this season. Lace will be used to add texture to bodices and skirts, whereas many brides are expected to shun white in favour of fresh pastels and bolder colours. Mint is one of the hottest and most versatile colours of the season and is likely to make an appearance in everything from wedding gowns to shoes and accessories. One specialist company that I found in my surfing travels is the London based Vintage Wedding Company.

Here is one of the dresses from their collection:



Scalloped 1920s Vintage Style Flapper Wedding Dress:



Bridal Jewellery:
Vintage chic is very much in vogue, with new life breathed into the phrase something old. Statement pieces and movie star glam are the name of the game, with a range of bold jewels and Hollywood style bling, designed to complement this seasons bold new look.  Engagement rings are very much inspired by the recent spate of celebrity engagements with halo and double halo style rings emphasising and enhancing even the most modest of stones.

Chanel do it well, lovely example of a diamond encrusted engagement ring:



Hair Accessories:
Braids and buns are likely to be the hottest styles in 2013, so hair accessories will play more of a supporting role than make a statement. Delicate flower wreaths, jewelled ribbon and beautiful vintage jewelled combs will help to hold even the most intricate hair do in place, without stealing the lime light.  This season’s trend is very much about bold hair and subtle accessories.

We love one of our own statement pieces, The LANA !



Wedding Themes:
Bold statements and personalised back drops are likely to be hot in 2013. The season is likely to see a return to sumptuous and rich colours such as lavish purples, navy blues, silver and gold.  Lush fabrics, patterns and textures will add a touch of luxury and opulence. Vintage themes are also tipped to be popular, in particular the 1920′s and 1930′s. One of the biggest trends will see the massive surge in popularity of personalised backdrops, providing the ideal background for wedding photographs.

Etsy.com has some really original ideas to make your wedding memorable.



Bridal Flowers:
This seasons flowers also have a vintage theme, with simple, hand tied bouquets incorporating lace, fabric and ribbon.  Single colour bridal bouquets are right on trend, with some brides opting for a simple spray of wild flowers instead. Simplicity is the trend, and bridal bouquets are likely to incorporate the common flowers of the season – hyacinth and daffodils for spring bridges, stock and daises in the summer and freesias and hydrangeas in the autumn and winter. Table settings also have a vintage country garden feel with a cornucopia of colours, textures and styles favouring shabby chic over formality.




We will be back next week with some more inspiration for your 2013 Wedding.

J x

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