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June 24, 2013


The Top 5 Wedding Dress Styles and the Body Types They Suit.

Looking for a wedding dress can be one of the most enjoyable experiences of your life. It is almost impossible to put into words the excitement you will feel when you enter your first bridal boutique. You will be faced with a wealth of stunning and beautiful creations. The hard part is choosing only one.

Your body will help dictate which style and shape are right for you. Below are just a few examples of the wedding dress styles on offer, along with notes on the body types they are most suited to.

Strapless dresses are becoming increasingly popular at the moment. They are particularly suitable if you who have well toned arms and a medium bust. Brides with long necks will also find this style incredibly flattering. You can also wear this style if you have a fuller bust, but take care to ensure you have a comfortable and supportive bra to see you through the day.

The Hyacinth Gown from the very talented Jenny Packham is a gorgeous example.

Cap Sleeves
If you are short, cap sleeves can help to add the illusion of length to your dress. Cap sleeves can bring focus to the arms, and work well if you are slender and well toned in this area.

These two David Fielden gowns are very graceful and sleek.

One Shoulder
The toga style or one shoulder dress is incredibly becoming if you have nice collarbones. This style draws attention away from the cleavage, and can be very flattering if you have a smaller bust.

Frankly we are in love with Jenny Packham so we have featured another two of her gowns, sorry !

Full Skirt
If you are rectangular in shape, choose a full skirt to help bring some curves to your frame. This style also works well if you are thin, or have narrow hips, as the width of the skirt will help to balance your figure. It is also a great shape if your aim is to draw attention to the upper part of your body and emphasize a smaller waist.

Two gowns with more of a traditional twist the Agnes & Pronovias designs below.

Sweetheart Neckline
This pretty neckline forms a natural heart shape and can be the perfect style for the bride with a fuller bust. A flattering effect can be created by choosing a slimmer skirt which draws the eye to the neckline. It is also a great style if you have a shorter neck, as the dip in the center of the cleavage accentuates the distance between your neck and the top of your dress.

One of the most recognisable wedding gown designers; Vera Wang, need we say more.

Your wedding dress will be one of the main features in pictures you will treasure for a lifetime. Take your time and choose the right one for you.

Back soon with some more top tips

J x



June 11, 2013


Top tips to avoid those Bridal Make-up disasters

So, your big day is finally here. Getting prepared for your wedding is now the most important thing on your mind and you wouldn't want to risk looking like a clown. You will be the centre of attention and everyone will want to take your picture or dance with you. Try these simple tips to avoid some of the common bridal make-up mistakes that women make:

1. Prepare your skin
A common mistake many brides make is that they use too little coverage. You should opt for a more matte look for oilier skin types, or a radiant deep finish for the drier skin type. The face must look exquisite and flawless and the skin is the most important element. Also, try to wear slightly more blush than on your usual days, to give you more color balance together with your lips. A little extra blush on the cheeks can do wonders and also highlight your other features, especially your eyes. Try to also consider adding a little bronze glow color to give the skin a sunnier and warmer look.

2. Choose the best lipstick for this special occasion
This is your most important day, so try to pick a special lipstick, with a more radiant color. Most brides say that they prefer a natural look, but try to pick a slightly darker tone of lipstick. It will highlight your facial features and, with the help of a liner or gloss, you will look stellar.

3. Don't forget the eyes
As they say, the eyes are the windows of your soul. And you wouldn't want to show up at your wedding with raccoon eyes. Pick a water resistant mascara, gel eyeliner and a sturdy concealer or advise your make-up artist to. Using waterproof products will help avoid smearing.

4. Highlight the brows
Something peculiar usually happens when taking wedding photos: eyebrows disappear. Avoid this phenomenon by filling them with brow products that have a complimentary color to your skin tone. Use a tone slightly lighter than the hair. Powders are ideal for brows as they are easy and quick to apply.

5. Don't overuse spray tan
Spray tanning is getting more popular than ever. But it is not a great idea for special occasions, such as a wedding. They usually end up being too orange, too dark or too shiny and can also smear, which is a disaster for your wedding gown. If you really want to have a darker skin, opt for a high quality product with a bronze tone, or, better yet, go to a specialized tanning salon prior to your wedding. This will give you a more natural look.


Back soon with some more top tips !

J x

June 05, 2013


Wedding Hairband v. Wedding Haircomb, Which should I wear ?

This week we are going to tackle a question that we are often asked in our showroom – should I wear a comb or a hairband. So the first point is comfort, some women find hairbands can feel tight on the head so a comb is preferable and then secondly some feel they don’t have thick enough hair to hold a comb. There are solutions to both issues.

   The Ellen Comb €69         The Imelda Headband €182     The Carey Hairclip €85



Firstly choose a hairband that is narrow – we only use 2mm flexible hairbands – so light you won’t know you’re wearing them. If you don’t like the look of a full hairband you can opt for a ribbon covered version so all you really see is the detail on the side/top. Hairbands can give a sense of security so you won’t have to worry every time someone hugs you !

 The Evita Hairband €139    The Alex Hairband €105    The Ria Hairband €148


If you like the idea of a comb but are not sure you have enough hair we have found that hairdressers can make a setting for the comb to sit into – basically some backcombing and the right products will create a type of ‘nest’ effect to give your comb something to grip to.

Some great examples below:

The Cezanne Comb €63         The Nessa Comb €85                The Mimosa €82.50



Many of our hair accessories these days use alligator style clips to the back which are suitable for all hair types and grip particularly well. These can be very useful if you are planning to wear a veil and then later in the evening replace it with a hair accessory yourself.


The Meredith Hairclip €29  The Tessa Hair Clip €32.50    The Jessica Hair Clip €52.00


May 27, 2013


5 Imaginative Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Cake Toppers

A wedding is considered by many couples to be the most important day of their lives, a day when memories and moments will be created and shared that will last for a lifetime. It is surprising, therefore, that a significant number of engaged couples proceed to follow the same old traditions and wedding-day customs as almost everyone else.

Surely the point of a wedding is to celebrate what is unique and magical about the relationship between the bride and groom. One detail that is often overlooked in this regard, is the choice of wedding cake topper, with the popular and commonplace selection being the mini-models of the married couple placed on top of the cake. But if a couple wants to demonstrate something unique and original about their union, then what better way than to forget about the traditional wedding cake topper designs, and instead opt for something altogether more creative.


Let's take a look at 5 imaginative alternatives to traditional wedding cake toppers:

Colorful and visually striking, flowers can certainly create an attractive, natural and organic look that contrasts beautifully with the more artificial elements associated with a wedding cake.


Jewellery is never unfashionable even on a wedding cake. Silver and rhinestone designs are especially pretty as they provide a tasteful and sophisticated gloss while sitting on top of the white icing surface of the cake.


Depending on the couple's background, hobby, occupation or whatever it may be, the cake topper can be cutomised to represent whatever particular feature of their lives they want to see decorating their wedding cake.



For the more mysterious or symbolic gestures of affection, why not have some monograms adorn the top of the cake so that the secret message of love is there in letter form for all to see.


Traditionally associated with birthday cakes, candles can work extremely effectively on wedding cakes too. The light and half-shadow effect reflecting down upon the cake evokes an enchanting and charming glow around both the cake and even the wedding event itself.


 Back soon with some more top tips !


J x

May 21, 2013


The 5 Top Honeymoon Destinations for a Unique Getaway

Newlyweds are often inclined to choose one of the well-known tropical destinations for their honeymoon location, such as Hawaii or the Bahamas. However, outgoing or adventurous couples may want to consider a more unique locale to celebrate their blossoming marriage. Below is a list of the 5 top honeymoon destinations that are often overlooked.


Perhaps the most romantic honeymoon destination in Greece is Santorini. Located roughly 120 miles from the Greek mainland in the Aegean Sea, the islands of Santorini feature stunningly beautiful cliffside towns, as well as some of the world's most gorgeous seaside views. Greece's capital, Athens, is also home to stunning views of the water and Greek isles. As one of the oldest cities in the world, Athens also one of the richest cultural centers of Europe. Honeymooners who are fans of the outdoor can experience the Ancient Greek ruins via one of the many adventure tours available in Athens and throughout Greece.


Australia is home to some of the world's most gorgeous beaches and scenery, making it an ideal honeymoon destination for nature-loving newlyweds. Southern locations such as Byron Bay and Daylesford offer a relaxing environment and outstanding cuisine, while northern destinations such as Kakadu National Park let honeymooners experience the beautiful Australian outback firsthand.

Hong Kong

For honeymooners seeking a big-city getaway, it doesn't get much better than Hong Kong. With such a rich and unique culture, Hong Kong is one of the most interesting cities to explore, offering more than enough sightseeing, fine dining and nightlife to keep you out and about throughout your honeymoon vacation. And if the bustle of the city becomes too much, Hong Kong is also home to gorgeous beaches that offer relief from the city's busy streets.

South Africa

South Africa is the go-to destination for an adventurous honeymoon getaway. Newlyweds can experience guided tours and safaris that explore some of the most exciting natural wildlife reservations the world has to offer, or simply opt for a relaxing stay on one of South Africa's gorgeous beachside towns.


Nestled in the Indian Ocean, Maldives is a chain of coral islands that make a great honeymoon destination for newlyweds seeking an alternative to the more common island getaway locations. Maldives offers some of the world's most beautiful beaches surrounded by stunningly crystal clear water, making it an ideal location for a relaxing oceanside honeymoon. Additionally, some of the Maldive Islands feature luxury resorts and big city luxuries for the ultimate pampered honeymoon experience.



Back soon with more top tips !

J x


May 13, 2013


Top 5 Pre-Wedding Beauty Secrets

Looking your best for your wedding day is also about feeling your best, and with a few beauty tricks, you can go from stressed out “Bridezilla” to serene, stunning bride in no time. Here are top 5 pre-wedding beauty secrets that you can start doing 2 or 3 months in advance, that will have you looking and feeling amazing.


Nail/Toenail Preparation – One important aspect of great looking nails is proper care, so moisturise, apply hand exfoliators, and always rub olive oil or other cuticle oil onto your nails and cuticles. Get them filed correctly, so that you can have the shape that you want, and continue to go for manicures. Exfoliate your feet too and scrub off dead skin cells often. Apply a proper heel balm or other lotion to cracked heels, and also get a weekly pedicure. By the time your wedding comes, your nails and toenails will be in perfect condition so no last minute panic needed!

Skin Preparation – Preparing your skin is also vital. You should follow a good skin care regimen based on the oiliness of your skin. Also apply facial masks and exfoliate even dry skin. About 1 to 2 weeks before the wedding, have a deep cleansing pore facial to get rid of all those impurities that are probably from stress, and then a hydrating and rejuvenating facial a few days before. You can also try an eye contouring treatment to brighten up your eyes. Your skin will look great come wedding day.

Hair Preparation – You want stunning, healthy, gorgeous wedding day hair, so get it trimmed once a month and ensure that it is the right length according to the style you are going for. Get deep conditioning and hair mask treatments regularly. Products are important and when it comes to haircare you do pay what you get for, we love Kerastase for coloured hair.

Self Tan Preparation – The last thing you want is to be an orange-glowing bride or boast a lovely red tinge! Get a good mild spray tan from a professional. Another option for just going a shade or two darker is to use a tinted moisturiser that naturally adapts to your skins natural skin tone. Make sure you prepare your skin well in advance by exfoliating and moisturising well and also look into professional hair removal.

Hair Removal – So for hair removal you will either get a wax, shave or opt for a depilatory cream that causes the hair to fall out from the root. Make sure you do this a week before your big day to give your skin time to calm down. If you have already had laser hair removal book a top up appointment for one month before the day to catch any strays.

With these top 5 pre-wedding beauty secrets, you will be well prepared and look gorgeous on your special day!

Back soon with more top tips !

J x

May 03, 2013


Top 5 Memorable Wedding Ideas

When I got married, I put a great deal of thought not only into the day I was going to have, but also into the day my guests were going to have. Over time I have attended the weddings of many family and friends, so here are my top tips for a wedding you and your guests will remember always;


 1. Make Use of Entertainers in Your Party.
We had a musician who wrote a song especially for our wedding, which was played as we signed the register. The feedback we had from family and friends was amazing, and made both us and him feel very special indeed. Another friend learnt the most incredible dance routine with her partner, and they wowed the guests at the reception during their first dance. Then there was a special gift, coordinated by the family and friends of the bride, where each guest sang a line of the song ‘Perfect Day’ which was edited into a video. These special extra touches added uniqueness to an already memorable day.


 2. Think About the Children.
Children can make or break a wedding, the pressure to behave can prove too much, especially for the younger members of the party. Consider making their own special wedding gift bags with small toys and colouring books to keep them occupied. Both children and parents will love your thoughtfulness, and you are more likely to have a peaceful and happy day.


3. Choose Extra Special Wedding Favours
Wedding favours can be expensive. Simple favours such as sugared almonds wrapped in gauze are time consuming and can still be costly. I was lucky enough to find lovely boxed pen sets at a very reasonable price, and the guests loved the fact that they had a keepsake from the day. Many companies offer personalised wedding chocolates, these can look very pretty on the wedding tables.


 4. Make the Most of Your Photos
Your wedding is one of the few occasions when you are likely to have everyone who is special to you in the same place at the same time. Plan the photographs you would most like to have taken ahead of time and give the photographer a list. Ask the photographer to take natural shots of the guests as they wait to be called for their photos, many of my favourite shots were my bridesmaids laughing and joking when they were unaware the camera was on them.


 5. Save the Best Until Last
If your budget allows, fireworks are a magical way to end the day, they bring your guests together at the end of the evening before going their separate ways. Fireworks ensure your wedding will remain in the memory for many years to come.

Remember, it is your wedding, do it your way. The best memory I have of my wedding does not come from anything I had planned, but from stopping the wedding car at the home of an elderly lady who was too ill to attend. Getting out of the car and walking up the garden path carrying acres of skirt tucked under my arms was all made worthwhile when the lady in question, with tears in her eyes, let out a cry of ‘Oh My Goodness!!! It’s the bride and groom!’

It is a day which passes all too quickly, just occasionally, stop, take a breath and make a mental note of how lucky you are to have such special family and friends to share it with.


April 24, 2013


5 Top Tips to Lose Weight and Gain Energy

Here’s our top 5 Tips to Lose Weight and Gain Energy.

Well there are few brides or women even who are completely happy with their weight. Here is a few of our tried and tested top tips to help reduce bloating and feel better from the inside out.


1.) Firstly the white stuff… cut it out or at least down… Sugar is the biggest thief of energy in the long run, we all know the eventual drowsy feeling after a sugar filled snack. Replace biscuits and cakes with dates or prunes, raw cashew nuts, and raw brazil nuts. Far more filling, high in antioxidants so your skin will thank you for it too. If you add sugar to drinks try replacing with Agave syrup (from the Mexican Agave plant). Available in all health stores and supermarkets it is a good alternative, while not perfect it is far better than granulated sugar. Avoid artificial sweeteners at all costs, the downsides are too numerous to mention, but swelling and increased fat stored under the skin (adiposity) are two that we would all like to avoid.


 2.) Pasta… is basically just flour and water.. yes there may be an egg or two in there but these will no doubt be of the battery variety – which we don’t need to get into right now. An excellent replacement in the form of a carbohydrate is brown rice, a much tastier and fibre filled variety of the stripped back white version. Another great alternative is the sweet potatoe, steamed and mashed it’s as close to comfort food as you can get. Steamed and mashed cauliflower is another great version.


3.) Chocolate… we don’t say give it up.. just give up the milk chocolate variety. It has so much sugar and milk that it barely qualifies the title chocolate. Instead swap to at least a 70% cocoa variety. Trust us you won’t be able to finish a bar – it’s so rich with chocolately taste. Obviously a little goes a long way so aim for no more than 2 or 3 squares a day.


4.) Wine… again it’s a switch .. forego the white and stick to red wine. Red wine contains one of the most powerful antioxidants, resveratrol, great for your heart and just maybe that’s how the French get away with eating so many high fat foods yet staying so slim. Again moderate consumption no guzzling advised !


5.) Last and definately not least, avoid eating after 6pm.. early I know, put to the test here we have found that even if you slip up with what you’ve eaten during the day once it’s before 6pm you might just get away with it. Giving your body a chance to digest the days food can’t be bad and sleeping on a full stomach does not a goods night sleep make !


These are all our own personal suggestions backed up by one of the best food books you can buy, The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth by Jonny Bowden.

Back soon with some more top tips !


April 16, 2013


Top 4 Wedding Cakes for 2013

Who doesn’t love cake… here at Jules we decided we just had to share our top 4 favourite ones with you. These can all be sourced locally and are by talented Irish cake makers and bakers !

Whether you like cupcake style wedding cakes or not, these you will have to admit are an absolute work of art..



More traditional options from www.CreativeCakes.ie

Chocaholics, these are for you.. www.HeavenlyCakes.ie



A touch of French chic from www.FrenchWeddingCakes.com 

Macarons, Croquembouche & Fresh Flowers..

Back soon with more tips !

J x

April 02, 2013


Top 5 Exercises for Wedding Ready Fitness.

Top 5 Exercises for Wedding Ready Fitness.

If your fiance thinks your body is amazing now, blow him away on the wedding day by kicking into high gear with a solid workout routine. Not only will you impress your guests and your spouse, but you’ll feel much more strong and healthy.


Squats are one of the most efficient, simple workouts ever invented. If you’re looking for a way to blast that booty fat into yesteryear, try doing fifty squats a day. Chances are you’ll be ready to move up to a hundred in no time! When squatting, remember the lower you squat, the more of a leg workout you’ll be getting along with your butt workout.


A pair of slender, sexy arms are a huge turn-on for most. If you don’t have any weights lying around, use soup cans or beverage bottles in a basic bicep curl. This is an exercise you can even do while sitting in the office on a long work day. Try doing three reps of twenty on each side throughout your day.


For powerful yet graceful shoulders, arm circles are a wonderful option. This is another exercize that can be done anytime, anywhere. Simply hold your arms out to the sides and trace small circles with your hands. This exercize uses the weight of your own body to create a burn, so it is fantastic for those of us who don’t own any exercise equipment. Three reps of fifty throughout your day will cause a noticeable difference in no time.

A flat, sexy tummy is irresistible. Try doing an exercise called the air bike; you may look a little silly, but it’s a small price to pay for a strong core, a sexy mid-drift, better posture, and loads of confidence. Simply lay on your back, lift your legs into the air, and pedal like you’re riding a bike. Keep your abs engaged and you’ll feel a sweet burn in no time. A good goal is to do this exercise for five to ten minutes, so pop on a good episode of your favorite television show and get pedaling.


Our legs are one of the things that make women so desirable, and they also happen to be the easiest body part to work out. A stair stepper is a wonderful investment, but if you don’t have one try popping in some ear buds and going on a peaceful run. Not only will you be working out your legs, you’ll also be helping your body to release feel-good chemicals and endorphins. Wedding planning is very stressful, so who wouldn’t want that? Try running, jogging, or walking for ten to thirty minutes a day.


Follow these workouts and you just may have to get your dress taken in one more time before your magical wedding day. People will notice your new figure and your new level of confidence will be a direct reflection of how happy you are in your new relationship and withyour new life.

Back soon !

J xx

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